How to Tell if One Has Low Testosterone Levels.

03 Nov

There are very many biochemical processes that take place in our bodies.  These processes ensure that our bodies function properly.  All these processes play very important roles in the normal functioning of the body.  There are hormones that influence these processes.  A hormone for those who are not aware are chemical substances that are produced in certain parts of the body them later transported via blood to the tissues where they exert their effects.  There are very many different types of hormones.  There are some hormones that are present both in males and females.  There are others that are gender-specific.  For example, we have testosterone.  This is a hormone produced in men by the testicles.

The appearance of a man largely depends on this hormone.  It plays a major role in the masculine appearance of men as well as their sexual development.  The other role played by testosterone is that it stimulates the production of sperms.  Hence its effect on libido.  One thing that you need to note is that the levels of this hormone decreases with age.  This simply means that younger men have higher levels of testosterone.  There is an acceptable range when it comes to the level of testosterone in the body.  You are said to have low testosterone levels when your testosterone levels in below that range.  There are several symptoms that characterize this condition.  These are the signs that you might have low testosterone levels.  Below are some of these symptoms.

One of them is low libido.  As we have already seen above; this hormone affects the production of sperms.  The libido of a person will be affected if the levels of this hormone is influenced.  This explains the reason why older men have lower libido compared to the young ones.  People with low levels of testosterone also experience difficulty in erection.  Achieving and maintaining an erection is influenced by this hormone.  This explains why people with low levels of testosterone have difficulty attaining and maintain an erection.  There are, however, other factors that come into play. Check testosterone test to learn more.

The other symptom is the loss of hair.  Hair production is one of the processes that testosterone plays a role in.  Loss of hair among men has been liked with low testosterone levels.  This include the loss of facial hair.  You should note that balding is not as a result of low levels of testosterone.  Fatigue is another symptom.  Men with low levels of this hormone are characterized by a decrease in energy levels as well as fatigue. Check testosterone lab test for more info.

The increase in body fat is another symptom. Visit for other references.

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