Signs That You Have Low Testosterone Levels and Need To Get Tested

03 Nov

Testosterone is often the major hormone in men that is responsible for bringing about the manifestation of physical masculinity. It is, however, also present in the blood of females but is later converted to estradiol which is the main hormone in females. This testosterone is secreted majorly by the endocrine tissue in the male organs as well as in the adrenal glands in both genders. Low testosterone levels in men will lead to 'reduced masculinity as well as a much lower sex drive since this is the main hormone responsible for all the changes that occur during puberty in males as well as responsibility for the sex drive in males and for the maintenance of muscle mass. Once one suspects low levels of testosterone in their bodies, one should immediately get tested so as to receive medication as soon as possible since the earlier the medication is started, the more control that can be achieved over the condition. Sampling is done through drawing of blood from the veins by use of a needle. The tell-tale signs of low testosterone levels have been discussed below.

One of the most obvious signs for men is a low sex drive. Naturally, the sex drive reduces slowly in men as they age. For the condition of low testosterone levels, however, one may still be quite young with an extremely low sex drive since it causes the sex drive to reduce drastically.

Another sign of low testosterone levels is the lessened semen volume. In men, the mobility of the sperm is usually increased by a whitish fluid which is the semen; and when one has low testosterone levels, one will realize that during ejaculation, they will produce much less semen.

Increased body and facial hair loss is also caused by low testosterone levels.  Low testosterone levels also increase hair loss in men even though men also naturally lose more and more of their hair as they age; a process called balding. Check where to get tested for low testosterone to learn more.

The last sign that indicates low testosterone levels in a man is the loss of muscle mass. The main hormone that is responsible for the maintenance of muscle mass in men is testosterone as seen earlier. Therefore, a decrease in the levels of testosterone will automatically lead to loss of muscle mass in men. Check how can you tell if you have low testosterone for more info.

Therefore, it is important to get tested as soon as you can once notice any of the above signs or a combination of them so that control measures can be taken in case of any problem. After the results of the test are out and one finds out that they have low testosterone levels, it is important to discuss with one's doctor about the potential benefits and risks of the different testosterone treatments that may have been recommended to you. Visit for other references.

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